Medical Lift Chair

Different Positions of Medical Lift Chair Available on Rentals

Medical lift chairs are boon for those people, who have restricted mobility or suffering from joint problems. It is because these chairs support motorized system that help a person to stand and sit comfortably without putting excessive pressure on joints. These chairs are available in various positions that a user can select as per his requirements. If they cannot afford these chairs, they can consider taking medical lift chairs on rentals.

Some of the most comfortable recliner lift chairs available in the marketplace are:

  • 2-position
  • 3-position
  • Infinite position
  • Zero gravity chairs

The main difference between 2-position and 3-position lift chairs is the former is ideal to use for reading or seating comfortably but the latter is a good choice for taking power naps. If you spend considerable hours on the chairs, you should consider either taking infinite-position or zero-gravity medical lift chairs on rentals.

Some of the main features of infinite-position chairs are they help in comfortably standing and seating, they are good for taking power naps or reading, they provide absolute comfort to the back of a person as the back of the chair reclines to 180 degree angle also. All these features of infinite-position chair are available in the zero-gravity chairs with the additional feature of zero-gravity. These chairs relieve the strain of gravity from the spine and allow feet to rise comfortably when you are lying straight. If a person opts for the advanced models of zero-gravity chairs, he can use additional features present on the hand pendant such as heat or massage, stand-up lift mechanism to name a few.

Most of the medial lift chairs support the minimum weight of 300 lbs and some can even afford up to 500 lbs and meant for bariatric users. The best thing is all these medical lift chairs are available on affordable rental rates. So, look for the reputed online suppliers and take these chairs on rentals.

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