Some changes have been made to RS Treasure Hunter, starting with the return of Time To Train from August 4th. Read the information below to learn details of these changes.

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Latest change to RS Treasure Hunter

According to the latest official news post, some changes have been made to RS3 Treasure Hunter from the Time To Train starting on August 4th 2020. Previously Treasure Hunter promotions rotate in and out regularly. Throughout August and September, each Treasure Hunter promotion that goes live in Treasure Hunter will run uninterrupted for two weeks.
Additionally, the team will mix up rewards or mechanics during the two-week promotions, including some new rewards and the return of some golden oldies.

Enjoy RS Time to Train from Aug. 4th

From August 4th to August 17th, you can take part in RS Time to Train Treasure Hunter promotion. During this TH promo, you will have a chance to obtain prizes in order to facilitate training during RS Double XP event, such as Silverhawk feathers, protean pack and portable skilling pack. Any chests opened during this TH promotion offer three prizes to pick from; the first option will be a promotional prize, while the last two ones are regular Treasure Hunter prizes.
Note: As what has been mentioned above, this Treasure Hunter promotion will last for two weeks.

Enjoy Time to Train Treasure Hunter promotion for RS Double XP 2020 event!

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