This week sees the release of RS Interface Scaling in beta world. Read the details below to learn the Interface Scaling, Game Render Scaling and Vertical Camera Offset.

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What is RS Interface Scaling in beta world?

According to the recent “Interface Scaling & Camera Offset Beta” official news post, the develop team has released RS Interface Scaling on a beta world.
With the Interface Scaling, players are able to increase the global size of RS’s interface to whatever is most comfortable. This can be changed in Settings > graphics > Interface Scaling.

Enjoy RS Game Render Scaling & more

In addition to the Interface Scaling, players can also experience RS Game Render Scaling in this release, which separately scales the game view. Game Render Scaling can help squeeze out more performance both on high resolution displays and lower-end hardware. This can be changed in Settings > Graphics > Game Render Scaling.
Moreover, a new RS Vertical Camera Offset feature will be added in game, which will raise the height of players’ view. The Vertical Camera Offset will help players navigate through tall trees and densely-crowded areas. This can be changed in Settings > camera > System > Look offset.

Have you enjoyed RS Interface Scaling in beta world?

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