It has been revealed that new alchemical hydrix jewelry will be released this month. Read the information below to learn details of alchemical hydrix, essence of finality and more.

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How to create alchemical hydrix RS3?

Alchemical hydrix RS3 is a new base gem planned to be released on August 18th, 2020. It can be used to make the alchemical hydrix brooch, brooch of the gods (enchanted by the alchemical hydrix brooch) and the essence of finality amulet.
Alchemical hydrix can be created at an inventor’s workbench (117 Invention) by combining the following materials:
1 Hydrix
50 Fortunate components
50 Refined components
10 Precious components
2 Rumbling components

Details of essence of finality RS3

RS essence of finality is a piece of alchemical hydrix jewelry. It can be made by combining the following materials:
1 alchemical hydrix
1 Amulet of souls (fully-charged)
1 Reaper necklace
The essence of finality RS3 will have both effects of the amulet of souls and reaper necklace. It can store a special attack which will then be harnessed as an ability. Any special attack can be stored and replaced with a new special attack.

Alchemical hydrix brooch & brooch of the gods

The Alchemical hydrix brooch can be created by combining the following materials:
1 alchemical hydrix
5 elder rune bars
5 gold Leaf
The Alchemical hydrix brooch can stores up to 1,000 of each decorate urn. Skilling distractions effects will be enhanced. It will be turned into RS Brooch of the gods if you use the Enchant Level 6 Jewellery spell on it, and a blessing from the gods may spawn when training non-combat skills, offering Invention components.

Hope you can get more information on alchemical hydrix and essence of finality.

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