It has been revealed there may be a new Construction training method named Mahogany Homes OSRS. Some new rewards will also be released with the Mahogany Homes.

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What is Mahogany Homes OSRS?

Mahogany Homes is a proposed Construction training method. According to the latest official news post, it will be a slower and cheaper way to train Construction which offers Carpenter Points and Construction XP. The only requirement is to have your own Player Owned House.

Rewards from Mahogany Homes OSRS

You will gain OSRS Carpenter Points after completing Construction jobs, which can be used to exchange for special rewards:
-Carpenter’s Outfit
Each piece of OSRS Carpenter’s Outfit can boost Construction XP to a maximum 2.5% when the full set is worn.
-Plank Sack
The Plank Sack OSRS is a new Inventory item, which can used to store a maximum of 28 planks of any type.
-Equippable Saw
The Equippable Saw OSRS is an item that performs all the functions of the regular saw. It can be wielded in the main hand slot.
-Hosidius Wall Kit
-Construction Supply Crate
OSRS Construction Supply Crate will contain various Construction materials, including:
Oak Planks
Teak Planks
Mahogany Planks
Bolt of cloth
Limestone Bricks
Steel bars
Soft Clay

What do you think about the new Mahogany Homes OSRS?

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