The action taken against RS oddments exploit has been confirmed in the latest official news post. Read the information below to learn some details.

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Details of discounted key oddment exploit

According to the latest official news post, the develop team has been investigating an instance in which it was possible to cash out items receiving more RS oddments than the cost of a Treasure Hunter Key whilst on discount, which allowed players to generate a surplus of oddments.
The discount was available in-game around 11:30 game time, and the team was notified around 18:00 of the exploit. At 19:10 they performed a hotfix to remove the discount.

Action against RS oddments exploit

In total the team has identified around 4000 players who attempted the exploit. There was no noticeable effect on either the economy or XP gained on the day as a result of the exploit. These players have been categorised into three separate groups:
-Players who may have tested the exploit will not have action taken against their exploit.
-835 accounts that have clearly exploited the discount will be banned for 72 hours.
-65 accounts that have severely exploited the discount will be banned for 14 days. They can also expect experience and Item roll backs.

How do you think of the punishment due to RS Treasure Hunter key & oddment exploit?

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