OSRS Costume Room is one of the proposed game improvements contained in the Poll 72 released on Jul. 29. The Team plans to change the Costume Room on the storage and the restrictions for Ultimate Iron players.   

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OSRS Costume Room restrictions for Ultimate Iron accounts 

According to the Poll 72, we can know that OSRS Team proposes three restrictions on all the storage units in the Costume Room for Ultimate Iron accounts, and only Ultimate Iron accounts are eligible to vote among the three chosen restrictions: 
1. Ultimate Iron players should only be able to deposit or withdraw complete sets. They should not be able to store duplicates.
2. Ultimate Iron players should be able to store partial sets and duplicates but should only be able to withdraw a complete set.
3. Ultimate Iron players should be able to use the updated Costume Room like everyone else. 
Which one would you like to choose? Please cast your vote.   

OSRS Costume Room storage proposed to increase

One more thing, OSRS Costume Room is also proposed to contain more armors in the Magic Wardrobe and Armour Case at each tier. The Team wants to increase the storage as following: 
1. Storage limits for the Magic Wardrobe 
Oak: 7 Mage Sets 
Carved Oak: 14 Mage Sets 
Teak: 21 Mage Sets 
Carved Teak: 28 Mage Sets 
Mahogany: 35 Mage Sets 
Gilded: 42 Mage Sets 
Marble: Infinite Mage Sets 
2. Storage limits for the Armour Case 
Oak: 25 Armour Sets 
Teak: 50 Armour Sets 
Mahogany: Infinite Armour Sets

How do you think of these proposed OSRS Costume Room changes?

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