The last changes from Poll #71 have been launched on Jul. 23. This week you will see OSRS Shadow Wyrm, Colossal Hydra and other new superior slayer creatures. Read on for more details.

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Details of OSRS Shadow Wyrm superior slayer creature 

Shadow Wyrm is one of the new superior slayer creatures introduced in OSRS Poll #71. It has a chance to spawn after purchasing the unlock Bigger and Badder for 150 Slayer reward points from any Slayer master. 
When you defeat this new superior slayer monster, you will be able to receive a 100% drop Wyrm bones. Beyond of this, you can also obtain Dragon dagger, Adamant sq shield, Eternal gem, Herbs, runes, seeds and more. 

Other new OSRS superior slayer creatures 

Besides the Shadow Wyrm, there are also three new superior slayer creatures added, including: 
1. Guardian Drake: a superior variant of the drake.
2. Colossal Hydra: a superior variant of the hydra.
3. Spikey Turoth 
All the new superior slayer monsters including Shadow Wyrm have a chance to show up when you are cutting down their lower-level brethren. And all of them roll three times on the regular loot table and also receive a chance to hit the superior loot table which includes the Imbued Heart and the Eternal Gem, among other exciting drops. 

Do you like OSRS Shadow Wyrm or other new superior slayer creatures?

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