This week there are some changes and adjustment to OSRS Ferox Enclave. Read the details below for information on these changes.

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OSRS Ferox Enclave respawn available

According to the recent official news post, some changes and adjustment have been made to Ferox Enclave.
With the update, you can set your respawn point to Ferox Enclave, by the eastern barrier. To do this, you just need to pay Ferox a one-time fee of 5 million coins.

Other changes to Ferox Enclave OSRS

Here are other changes made to Ferox Enclave with the update this week:
1. Perdu has been spotted around the Enclave. You can find him next to the bank chest to repair some of your untradeable items for a reasonable fee. In addition, you can also set you up with your trouver parchments, which can be used to prevent items from ever being broken in the first place.
2. The rat infestation in the Enclave grows worse and the Old Nite pub seems to have attracted more of them overnight.
3. There is OSRS Last Man Standing leaderboard in the Enclave.
Moreover, to indicate that upon death you’ll lose all your items, a skull will appear above your head everywhere on High Risk PvP worlds and upon entering the Wilderness on Very High Risk worlds.

What do you think about these changes to OSRS Ferox Enclave?

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