A new novice quest named A Porcine of Interest is introduced in the recent official poll blog. Read the details below to learn the new OSRS A Porcine of Interest quest and the Slayer monster Porcine Pest.

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A Porcine of Interest OSRS new quest

According to the latest “A Porcine of Interest” official news post, the develop team plans to release a new novice quest named A Porcine of Interest. The aim of this quest is to help fresh players get to grip with and have some fun gameplay with Slayer skill.
A Porcine of Interest has no requirements. Upon completion, you will gain the following rewards:
5000 GP
1000 Slayer XP
30 Slayer Reward Points
Access to a new Slayer task

Porcine Pest OSRS Slayer monster

With the A Porcine of Interest, there is also a proposed new Slayer monster called the Porcine Pest. The Porcine Pest can be assigned by Turael post-completion, in quantities of 15-50. The Porcine Pests are piggy monsters which can be found in a cave-like lair in the Misthalin region. The cave will be single-combat but cannonable.
After completing OSRS A Porcine of Interest quest, the Slayer Helm will gain the protective properties of your new goggles. Slayer Helms will not become broken when the quest is released.

Are you looking forward to A Porcine of Interest OSRS quest?

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