This week Old School RS Team has made some new OSRS Bounty Hunter changes, such as keeping PvP World-style PJ timer on Bounty Hunter worlds, reward changes and others. More details can be learned below.

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OSRS Bounty Hunter changes updated on Aug. 6 

With Official OSRS Post updated on Aug. 6, it has been revealed that there are some new changes made for OSRS Bounty Hunter, such as: 
1. Remove hotspots and tasks, but current target system will remain in place. 
2. Coffer is still there, and players also need to pay the fee to be assigned a target. 
3. PvP World-style PJ timer is on Bounty Hunter worlds in order to prevent unfair pile-ons in PvP situations for players new to PvP. For example, three players are in a single-way combat area of the Wilderness. When player B attacks player C, player A will not join in. 
4. Bounty Hunters will be protected for 20 seconds after killing target. 

OSRS Bounty Hunter changes on rewards 

Apart from the changes mentioned above, Bounty Hunter rewards are also adjusted: 
1. Transfer all Bounty Hunter rewards to Last Man Standing.
2. Players should spent any leftover emblems via the Emblem Trade fast because the shop will disappear after the grace period ends with the first update in December.
3. Entirely remove Amethyst Arrows. 
4. Players now can get ghoulishly stylish Bounty Hunter hats from Ferox in Ferox Enclave. Besides, you also need to unlock them with certain amount of Bounty Hunter kills. 
5. Players who meet the requirements can also get Hunter’s Honour and Rogue’s Revenge hats from Ferox for free. 

What do you think of these OSRS Bounty Hunter changes?

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