Designing of Solar LED Street Light System

Until morning, the solar light operates at the night time. After the sunset, the LED lamps automatically turn off and turn on when the sun rises. The entire system of solar comprises of some of the parts such as solar planets, LED light, rechargeable battery, pole, controller, and interconnecting cables. Let us get some information about the same in-depth.

Solar Panels: One of the most important parts of the solar street lights for sale is the solar panel and it is also known as solar photovoltaic cell. It has two types of cells such as polycrystalline and monocrystalline. As compared to the polycrystalline, the high rate of conversion is of the monocrystalline. The light is used to convert the energy from solar to electric which can be easily used in various applications.

LED Light: In this modern White led grow light , the lighting source is the LEDs as it provides much brighter light with low consumption of energy. The utilization of the energy of LED fixtures is low as compared to that of HPS fixtures which are used in traditional street lights. These LEDs do not emit light in any directions as compared to that of HD lamps. The uniqueness present in the LEDs will have an impact on the lamp’s design.

Rechargeable Battery: This is a kind of electric battery and it has reversible reactions with the electromechanical reactions which are known as a secondary cell. Generally, it has two types of batteries such as lead-acid batteries and the other one is a gel cell deep cycle battery.

In the solar street lights for sale, the solar panel is using the battery during the day to give energy at night. It is vital to keep in mind the capacity as well as the lifetime of the battery as they may also affect the backup power days of such lights.

Controller: In the solar street light, the important part is the controller which decides the switching on or off the lighting and charging as well. Some of the modern controllers are programmable and also useful for the chances of lighting, charging as well as dimming. It comprises a battery charger, a LED lamp driver, a protection circuit, an MCU, and a secondary power supply.

Pole: A strong pole is required for every solar street lights for sale and some elements such as fixtures, panels, and batteries on the pole top and the power consumption of input is 7.2 watt in LED.

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