Daddy’s Home is a new miniquest released with the Mahogany Homes OSRS update. In Daddy’s Home OSRS miniquest, you will help Marlo’s father Old Man Yarlo to renovate his house.

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Requirements of Daddy’s Home OSRS miniquest

As a novice miniquest, OSRS Daddy’s Home has no skill or quest requirements. Here are the required items for this miniquest:
10 Plank
5 Bolt of cloth
14 Nails

Daddy’s Home OSRS miniquest walkthrough

1. To start the Daddy’s Home miniquest, talk to Marlo OSRS found in the house of the Varrock Estate Agent in northeast Varrock.
2. Head to west of Aubury’s Rune Shop and find the father of Marlo, Old Man Yarlo. After talking to Old Man Yarlo, remove a carpet, two tables, two stools and his campbed in his house.
3. Talk to Old Man Yarlo again. After the cutscene, search the crates in the kitchen and get three waxwood logs. Bring the logs to the sawmill.
4. Head to the Varrock sawmill and get three waxwood planks after talking to him.
5. Go back to Old Man Yarlo’s home and build the new carpet, two tables, two stools and the bed.
6. Talk to Old Man Yarlo.
7. Return to Marlo OSRS. Quest complete!

Rewards gained from OSRS Daddy’s Home

You will gain the following rewards after completing the miniquest:
400 Construction XP
1000 Coins
Marlo’s Crate, containing 25 planks, 50 mithril nails, 10 oak planks, 8 bolts of cloth, 5 steel bars, 5 house teleports and 1 Falador teleport.

Hope our guide can help you complete the Daddy’s Home OSRS miniquest.

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