Hi Donna. Thank you for The Parkinsons Protocol Review allotment your enjoy.i will persevere to take supplements, however, for me, that in conjunction with trial and eat does not look to be enough.

Thank you George for portion. That is encouraging to hear. Are you vegan (no dairy) as well? I was a vegetarian before I was diagnosed and it was for animal weal reasons. Then , when diagnosed, I had heard gluten, sweeten and dairy are inflammatory so I thing to go down the g/f, no sugar vegan way, although, I am not as good as I could be

Hi Jean, Please try separate combinations of vitamins/supplements. I have had a lot of luck excitement Milk Thistle & Vitamin B super complex in the morn, and N-acetylene in the evening. I take no PD confuse at all. There is also a book out near how combinations of appendix employment for PD & Hutchinson (the treatise author recommends a combination of Q10, Vitamin C and E, and some others. The forelock is taking a group of vitamins /eke out, not unmixed ones. Good fortune!


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