Colon Problems You Just Need to Adapt a Colon Cleanse Diet


If you suffer from kidney problems,  Zenith Detox Review  constipation, bladder infections or abdominal cramps then this could be your body’s one of the ways of telling you that you need to start on a colon cleanse diet.Once you have cleansed your colon you will find that your on going illnesses as detailed above will stop and your bowel movements will become much more regular.So, if you are suffering from some of the problems – what is the best colon cleanse diet that you can embark on

Fibre plays a large part in having a healthy colon and a healthy digestive system. It is recommended that that we consume around 35gms of fibre a day as part of a healthy diet, many of us however often have less than 10gms. Fibre can be found in a number of every day foods and with minimal effort we can easily adapt to a colon cleanse diet. These types of foods include: peas, beans, rice and fruit such as apples and strawberries.

In order to keep your colon healthy it is important to include plenty of green foods such as wheat grass, blue-green algae and alfalfa. These foods contain chlorophyll which cleanses your digestive tract. As with any healthy eating diet, for whatever reason you are eating healthy water is essential. Making sure you drink 6-8 glasses of fresh water per day is a vital part of a cleanse colon diet.

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