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Cisco StackPower Technology offers an innovative and ground-breaking alternative for all the Cisco WS-C3850-24XS-S switches access, helping them with the power redundancy solutions and much more. It pools or collects all the available power supplies from the switches in the stacks and makes the organized power supply accessible to all of the switches. This is considered the most efficient and effective way of distributing power equally to all switches by pooling the power supplies. The reason why it’s so effective and such an essential feature in a technology that is most common in industries and businesses is that whenever there is a case of the power supply failing, excess power from the pool can then be distributed again to any affected switches in a short time. In short, with this cool technology that Cisco came up with, no matter what switch it is that requires power, it can quickly get the power supply from the pool.

You can read out below to find more about this new and cool technology that can help you set your business and Cisco Catalyst 3850 switches for effortless networking access and power redundancy solutions, with much more on the list.

Advantages of Cisco StackPower technology

StackPower technology has many benefits, and all of them are very concrete; its term of their reliability. These advantages, along with the savings, are quite tangible and concrete. To understand how this technology benefits you all around, you’ll consider that there is a stack of switches and each switch among stack requires a higher power budget to some extent for some of the Powe Over Ethernet or PoE devices. And these devices are generally scattered in the stack of switches. If you purchase another second power supply for each of the switches in the stack that needs extra power, it’d honestly be quite expensive and inefficient.

With this perfect solution that StackPower technology brings you, a shared pool of power will be available and some extra power that can automatically or instantly be redirected towards the suitable switch based on the already existing power budget present in the mutual power pool. 

You’ll notice that when you buy Cisco StackPower technology that it’ll straight away start producing savings. It does it by reducing or decreasing the number of power supplies required by the one switch alone and the number of outlets required for the wiring closet. But this doesn’t stop here. You could make even more saving by using this technology. Additional savings can be made by minimizing energy waste, which happens mostly due to the inefficient power-supply operation at the lower loads. And energy can even be saved by reducing the cooling requirements of the wiring closet. Moreover, when you usually need external power shelves, but when you’re using this StackPower technology, it also eradicates this need of having exterior power shelves. This results in increasing more space as well as having more power outlets in the wiring closets. 

Using a Cisco Expandable Power System 2200, the StackPower technology also allows for better placement of even bigger power pools. This advanced technology system also permits for a star topology that can share the power of up to around eight switches, which honestly is a lot. 

Overview of the Technology

You’ll find that there are too many widespread power redundancy solutions for switches used in the industry. These solutions are partial redundancy and full redundancy. When you look at partial redundancy power solutions that are most commonly referred to as 1: N takes a lot of time to come online when there is a situation where power failure most commonly leads to an immediate outage. But when it comes to full redundancy, every switch in the stack is two different power supplies. So, whenever one goes does down, the other will immediately take over. This plan, or a very convenient method, is also called the 1:1 redundancy. But each power redundancy solutions have their advantages and their drawbacks.

When it comes, which is the most power redundant solution among one of the above, then because of the advancing technology that we have nowadays, every switch already comes with a backup power supply. This installed option for backup is ideal when it comes to using it in normal given conditions and situations. So, given this, the full redundancy power solution or the 1:1 is not used as much. But when we look at the partial redundancy power solutions or the 1: N, then the Cisco WS C3850 24XS S switches usually take time to come back online if any situation occurs where a power failure leads to an outage.

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