Celebrating 40 years of SOS Children’s Village in Rwanda

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In 2019 many events were held in different locations throughout Rwanda to support the SOS Children’s Village 40th anniversary. On October, Friday 11th, the RGH hotel in Kigali hosted a Gala dinner in honor of the 70 women who look after children in SOS Children’s Village in the Nyamagabe, Gicumbi, Kigali and Kayonza districts.

Companies like the Radisson Hotel Group are one of the many advocates behind this initiative. With the aim of showing their support for the work of SOS, RHG became an SOS global partner in 2018, involving its 1,400 hotels in the mission to provide food, shelter and a better future to children in Africa and all around the world.

Radisson Hotel Group in Rwanda is committed to providing an annual sponsorship to SOS Children’s Villages, giving the youths from the organization internships and job placements in the hotel, when available, and organizing and facilitating fundraising local events whenever possible. 

What is SOS Children’s village?

SOS Children’s Village is a nonprofit organization that aids children, young people, and families by providing them with quality care and empowering families and communities.  

Why is this organization important?

It is the largest non-governmental organization dedicated to the long-term care of orphaned and abandoned children across the globe. It aims to ensure that children without adequate parental care are allocated to alternative families that will give them a loving home.

With the support of SOS Children’s Village, volunteers can contribute by advocating for children’s rights and supporting families with limited resources. Currently, this organization is on the ground in 136 countries and territories working within a social and cultural context while also contributing to and supporting both short-term and long-term projects in the local communities.

The worldwide organization has had a positive impact on communities by helping develop youth and family strengthening programs, by setting up schools and vocational training centers as well as social centers. Most importantly, it supports the improvement of emergency response programs and local medical centers.

How did it get started?

The organization was founded by Austrian philanthropist and child welfare worker, Hermann Gmeiner in Tyrol, Austria in 1949. His vision was to provide a family environment for children without parental care. He began his work with children that were left orphaned as a result of World War II.

SOS Children’s Village has received a lot of praise over the decades. It was nominated for the Nobel Peace prize in 2011, it received the Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian prize in 2002, the Mother Teresa Gold Medal in 2008 and the Save the World award in 2009.

How can it be supported?

SOS Children’s Village partners and volunteers work together to make lasting changes that improve the standard of living of children in communities around the world.


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