The size of the files you can Tube Mastery and Monetization Reviewupload through YouTube is limited so you want to keep them fairly short. Don’t go over 5 minutes because most viewers simply won’t have the patience to keep watching. If you do have a video that needs to be longer, it’s OK to break it into smaller segments and post them separately for your YouTube Marketing.

Humor is one of the best ways to attract an audience. Some of the most successful YouTube channels have been developed by people who can make others laugh while also getting their message across. Don’t force the humor but try to be yourself, relax, and let the humor find its way out.

For good YouTube marketing, your clips need to be relevant. People are joining your channel or are seeking out your clips because they are interested in the topics you are covering. Don’t make sudden changes in that content. If you have something else you want to cover, create a new channel.

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