Black Tea – Boosting Your Immunity and Health

Black tea is the best-known type of tea and appreciated in the world. We all know him. From millenary origins, to be enjoyed at various times of the day, breakfast or snack.

It can be sweetened or left pure, simple, enriched with a slice of lemon or a drop of milk, sipped alone, or accompanied by delicious biscuits.

Considered the most widespread drink globally, even more than coffee, it is of oriental origin, but it has also spread to the West thanks to the English who imported it from the colonies. We learn to know and appreciate it for its countless beneficial properties on health. You can buy tea online.

Darjeeling Tea

History and origin of black tea

It is obtained from the leaves of Camellia sinensis, originally from China. And more precisely, from the variants Camellia sinensis and Camellia assamica, those with broad leaves. It is no coincidence that this drink first established itself among the Chinese, who had used it since the fifth century to treat water retention and improve digestion.

Tea processing process

The western name is linked to the dark color of the oxidized leaves and not to the infusion color. Compared to green and white teas, they are much more oxidized and have a more pronounced, sometimes even astringent, flavor. Online tea purchase makes tea buying easy.

Once harvested, the fresh leaves are first dried, then rolled upon themselves, and then dried again and finally macerated. The leaves are then chopped and subsequently subjected to fermentation in a warm, humid room (30 ° for 1-2 hours).

The last step involves further drying, which serves to destroy the enzymes and stabilize the product. The humidity is reduced to less than 5%, and the tea takes on its characteristic aroma and dark color.

The different types of black tea

There are many types of tea, coming from different plantations, called gardens. Each has a unique character, aroma, and scent. The name refers to the region of production.

Generally, the finest are offered unmixed to fully enjoy their characteristic aroma and well-defined and astringent taste, thanks to tannins’ high content. Now you can buy premium black tea online.

Instead, a mixture of various types serves to mask the not exactly excellent quality.

The tea originally comes from China, but was imported by merchants, first in India and then in Sri Lanka in the 19th century. Today the largest tea gardens are found in Southeast Asia, particularly in India, Ceylon, and Nepal.

The most famous varieties in the West are those imported by the British from their colonies and, in particular, are the Indian ones:

  • Darjeeling, from West Bengal
  • Assam, from India
  • Nepali, from Nepal
  • Nilgiri, from Tamil Nadu
  • Munnar, from Kerala
  • Ceylon, from Sri Lanka

Black tea: properties and benefits

It is now scientifically proven that this drink has beneficial properties for health. It is no coincidence that in many countries, it is also consumed daily to accompany meals. To enjoy the best chaichuntea black tea, you can buy black tea online.

  • In particular, it is an excellent ally against cardiovascular diseases and plays a role in the prevention of tumors.
  • Rich in antioxidants, including flavonoids, help the body prevent cellular aging, counteract free radicals’ action, and keep the cardio-circulatory system healthy.
  • Antitumor, confirmed by several studies carried out on Asian and Caucasian populations. Its regular consumption seems to prevent tumor formation of the oral cavity, esophageal cancer, prostate cancer, and lung cancer.
  • Black tea is good for the heart. According to a Swedish study, drinking at least 4 cups a day reduces the risk of blood clots forming in the brain area by 21% and should reduce the risk of heart attack by 11%.
  • It is good for the teeth thanks to its rich polyphenols, which inhibit bacterial growth in the mouth. Therefore, it prevents the formation of plaque, the risk of infections, and reduces the much annoying bad breath.

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