Birthday Party Supplies Online

Buying gifts for children can be tricky. Children today have absolutely everything, how could we surprise them with something different? Perhaps you are one of those who does not want to bet on the typical toy. If you want something fun and original, why not buy a personalized gift? There are plenty of gift options for children completely personalized with their names, with pictures or with photos. We bring you a few proposals that surely end up convincing you.

Birthday Party Supplies Online

A Completely Personalized Kitchenware

Let’s focus first on the kitchenware, yes, on cups, lunch boxes, plates and cutlery. They are different and simple gifts that, in addition, are quite functional. If the children are very young, we can choose unbreakable plastic cups, much safer. These mugs are impossible to break, even if dropped from a great height, as well as being microwave and dishwasher safe.

Choose the color you like the most and print their name on them with a drawing or even your own photo. The little one of the house will be delighted to drink like the grown-ups, in a personalized cup.

Birthday Party Supplies Online

Surely many of you already know the bamboo lunch boxes. They are ideal for our children to take food to school; in addition, they are completely ecological. Well, we also have the option of buying one of these fully personalized lunch boxes with our son’s name.

A custom aluminum bottle is a great idea too Thermos bottles to retain the temperature that can also be personalized with the photo and the name of the little one or with a drawing that they like. If you like any of these gifts, do not miss the Wanapix selection because there are true wonders.


Let’s not miss the opportunity to buy personalized children’s t-shirts. Cotton t-shirts, in the color that you like the most, that we can customize to the extreme. Place a drawing according to the child’s tastes or her name and an image. Without a doubt it is one of those gifts that both children and parents like.


And let’s not forget that children are children, and as such, they like to play. In this way, we cannot think of a better gift than a personalized game. Yes, it is possible and they are also a most beautiful memory.

Surely you remember your long afternoons playing Parcheesi or Goose. Well, imagine a personalized board with the photos of all the members of the family.

There are the great classics, but also the newer games. UNO is a super fun game that everyone, young and old, will get hooked on. If we also give away a completely personalized ONE with family photos, we are sure to be completely right with the perfect birthday gift.

We can also bet on the simplest games. Memory games, for example, that will make children develop this skill. The typical matching game, the one in which you have to find the pairs of images with the hidden cards, can be personalized with photos of the family or with animals and names.

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