Biohazard is a Novice quest which continues the storyline after the Plague City OSRS quest. Here is our Biohazard OSRS guide with fast walkthrough and more information.

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Biohazard OSRS quest fast walkthrough

1. To start the Biohazard quest, talk to Elena in her house in East Ardougne.
2. Cross the river using the bridge or the log balance (requiring 33 Agility). Talk to Jerico in the house south of the northern Ardougne bank.
3. Get bird feed by searching the cupboard. Grab a pigeon cage from the backyard.
4. Go west to the small watchtower along the wall.
5. Stand in the corner where the two spiked fences meet. Put the bird feed on either fence, and then click the cage in your inventory.
6. Equip your gas mask. Run south from the watchtower and talk to Omart. Climb over the ladder into West Ardougne.
7. Head around the headquarters to the northeastern area with the vat and mangle. Squeeze through a gap in the fence into the backyard, and pick up the rotten apple laying on the ground.
8. Use the rotten apple on the cauldron. Then return through the fence.
9. Head to Nurse Sarah’s house. Get a medical gown after searching cupboard in northern part of the house. Equip the medical gown and return to the headquarters.
10. Go upstairs and kill a mourner.
11. Use the key in your inventory on the gate and get into the caged room. Get Elena’s distillator after searching the crates.
12. Head back to Kilron, and he will help you get back over into East Ardougne. Find Elena and give her the distillator.
13. Talk to Chemist in south-western Rimmington.
14. Outside the Chemist’s house, find Chancy, Da Vinci and Hops around a fire.
15. Give the Liquid honey to Chancy; give the Ethenea to Da Vinci; give the Sulphuric broline to Hops.
16. Head to Varrock. Head to the fenced area to the south-east of the bank. Pass freely with the plague sample and touch paper in your inventory.
17. Obtain a free priest gown (top and bottom) after speaking to the Asyff the Fancy dress shop owner. You can also purchase it from the Fancy dress shop owner.
18. Head to the Dancing Donkey Inn. Speak to Hops, Da Vinci and Chancy to get the vials back. You need to have free inventory space.
19. Equip the priest gown. Head to Guidor’s house in the south-east of the fenced area. Talk to Guidor.
20. Return to Ardougne and talk to Elena.
21. Go to the 1st floor of Ardougne Castle and talk to King Lathas. Quest complete!

Rewards from Biohazard quest OSRS

You will gain the following rewards after completing this quest:
3 Quest points
1,250 Thieving experience
Use of the Combat Training Camp north of the city
The ability to travel freely through the West Ardougne gate
The ability to use the West Ardougne Teleport in the Arceuus spellbook

Hope our Biohazard quest OSRS guide can help you complete this quest.

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