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What is the best link building strategy for your website in 2020?

How can you start building powerful backlinks to your website straight away?

Well, getting a little bit psychological, there’s always a new way to build links and there’s always something more creative or more exciting, but is the grass greener on the other side?

And what link building strategy should you sit to?

Well in this article, I’m gonna teach you, which strategies are working for me right now?

So let’s jump in, but before you do, please make sure you check out our free SEO site audit tool by Seoindicate.

You see, when it comes to link building, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. And the strategies that already work, are out there already.

So, you know, the strategies are in place.

You don’t need to find something brand new or some shiny link building object.

That’s gonna get you loads of backlinks, because, to be honest, the techniques that are really common right now, like the skyscraper technique, guest blogging, HARO, these are all strategies that actually still work for link building if you wanna boost your rankings.

So you don’t need any brand new, crazy link building strategy if you wanna get links to your site and the strategies already out there still work in 2020.

And I’m pretty confident that they’ll still work for the next few years too.

So I tend to find that a lot of website owners are looking for some crazy unique way to build links that’s never been done before because you know, they want to try something.

They wanna test something now. But at the same time, I would say, that’s the wrong path to follow.

And really, the best link building strategy, is the one that you most consistent and patient with.

Because over time you’re gonna make tiny improvements, tiny tweaks. And all of this is gonna add up to a very powerful link building strategy.

Even if you use something that’s been done for years, such as guest blogging, these link building strategies haven’t died out yet because they’re so powerful.

And because they’re tried, tested and proven to work.

Now, what I will say is that with any link building strategy that you use right now, it’s not gonna work first of all, and you’re not gonna get the results you want to see in the first week or the first month for even the first couple of months.

But over time, as you make tiny tweaks, tiny improvements, you’re gonna see much better results over time as you master and get better at this link building strategy.

Let me give you an example, right?

For the first link building strategy I tried, I sweat. I tried link building outreach and, I was really bad at it.

For the first couple of weeks, I didn’t get any links in.

Then the first month or so, I got like one link in, I sent about 200 emails.

So it was pretty brutal. But then over time, I made it tweaks and I made improvements and I saw how I could tweak the process to make sure that I was better and better at link building.

Until eventually, after a few months of tweaking and optimizing the process, I created a link building strategy, that’s pretty much outsource.

It runs on autopilot and it’s generated me backlinks for years. Now, my point is, there’s no silver bullet out here.

And even if you’re a one trick pony when it comes to link building, that’s fine.

As long as you’ve mastered the process, is working for you right now, then I’d much rather master one link building strategy than try 10 different ones, that barely get any results.

And whichever link building strategy you use, chances are, it’s not gonna be perfect first time round.

You’re not gonna get the results you want to see straight away. The plan that you create first of all, isn’t the plan that’s gonna get you there in the long run.

So if you’re trying to pick the best link building strategy, I would pick one of three, right?

I have a pick guest blogging, pick the skyscraper technique or use HARO. And whichever link building strategy you use, stick to it, master it.

And once you finally outsourced it into system that runs on autopilot, then you can move on to the next link building strategy.

And this is one of the biggest reasons why only sell the skyscraper link building technique to my clients.

I don’t actually offer them any other type of link building, such as audio link building because it’s more experimental and it’s not guaranteed to get results.

And it’s not as try testing and improvement as other link building methods that are much more familiar with.

So, if you’re looking for the best link building strategy for your site, then focus on one that’s most proven, that’s the most tested, and that has the most information on it.

And I would say again, that comes down to HARO, guest blogging and the skyscraper technique.

So if you want results, focus on those. If you wanna experiment, sure, you could spend time doing other techniques, but really, you should be focusing on your site and looking for the most scalable and efficient way to get links to your site as possible.

Now, when it comes to your backlink profile and what types of links are the best for your site, then I would always say, focus on natural editorial links that look like they’re there because your content is good.

link building

Not just because you’ve spanned a few directories forums to get links to your site.

So, if you want powerful links to your site that actually move the needle and boost your rankings, then focus on the ones that look the most natural because in the eyes of Google, that’s what’s gonna indicate your site as being authoritative.

Now that also means that your backlink profile, shouldn’t look like it’s been manipulated.

And what I mean by this, is that you need to be very careful with the architects you use, the types of links you get, which pages you get links to.

So, when you get in backlinks, make sure that you vary the anchor text. Don’t keep it the same every time.

Don’t even try to manipulate it.

Usually when I’m doing link building and outreach, I let the webmaster decide what anchor text to use, because they know where you’re backlinks fits most naturally into that content.

It gives them the time and convenience to set themselves. And usually when it comes to outreach, you don’t really have that much control over the backlinks you get anyway.

So it’s better to let the webmaster decides when it comes to which anchor text to use. And it’s also the same with the types of links you get, okay?

So, you know, any natural backlink profile has a mix of no follow and do follow links.

So you shouldn’t just build a backlink profile of links that are all do follow. That’s not gonna help your site because it doesn’t look natural.

And if you look at any big site that generates a lot of traffic, usually they have a mix of no follow and do follow links. So that’s another key part of your backlink strategy.

Now, additionally, I see a lot of website owners only targeting high their links. And I would say genuinely, that’s a mistake because that doesn’t look natural in the eyes of Google.

If you’re only getting links from authoritative sites, then, that doesn’t form a natural backlink profile and most websites have a mix of everything.

So, you know, you might have low authority sites linked into you, high authority sites linked into you. And it’s always a mix of everything if you want your backlink profile to look natural.

So that’s it for me in the best link building strategy for your website. Now, if you have any questions about link building, let me know in the comment section below, and we’ll be happy to help you.

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