Both teams and their supportersUrgent Money Miracle Review were calling on the support of God and His angels in their own way. England’s sweet chariot with its band of angels won the day. Final Score England 36 Tonga 20.

Part 7 Quarter Final England v Australia – Miracles Can Still Happen

The majority of spectators were in for a big shock in the quarter finals. Those who had lost their belief in miracles found out that miracles still do occur and that the impossible really is possible.

England’s defeat against South Africa by 36 – 0 in the pool stages had made most of their fans give up all hope of victory against Australia. England appeared to be on their way out of the tournament.

However, the humiliating defeat against South Africa had changed the mental attitude in the England camp. Humiliation and abject failure can be the starting point for success! England shocked every one and defeated Australia by 12 points to 10

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