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Introduction to Beauty enhancement


1- The massage system is a simple process that if you learn it properly,you can do it on your own and will no longer need too much profesional touch.
2- The system i use is a combination of massage and deep stress management method.

The beauty enhancement is a three months massage period which will renew your body cells and make you look younger and more beautiful.

How it works

The massage is a combination of reflexology and accupressure method to achieve best result and give you the youthful look you desire.
It works through 2 processes
First,the massage expels toxins from your system and dead cells in the body. When this is sufficiently done,the body begins to heal itself. This is crucial because the body healing system is the most effective healing system in the world, the body knows how best to heal itself without the side effects associated with heavy/frequent medication.

Secondly,it helps the body build stronger and healtheir cells giving you the youthful appearance and vigor.

Massage sessions.
For best result,the massage is begun with a three months session with 2 massage sessions every week. This give a total of 36 massage session.
At the end of the three months,you can begin to do the massage once a week to maintain the beautiful appearance.

Other benefits
1- You will get overall improvement in your health. Most minor health challenges will be flushed from your system. Those with high blood pressure will note a significant drop in their pressure,other health challenges such as stress,aches and pain will be gone.

Side effects of the massage

1-You will sleep more,this is because the immune system is picking up and has started healing and repair. This healing and repair is best done at night in the absence of sun. You are advised to sleep very well at night so as to enable the body repair itself. You may find yourself feeling sleepy earlier than normal and not wanting to wake up at the normal time

2- Your urine,sweat and toilet may smell worse than it used to,this is because you the toxins are expelled from the body.

3- You may yorn often, this is because the body will feel sleepy easily.

Piece of advise

1- Drink a large amount of water immediately after every massage session.
2- Once we fix our timing,lets strictly keep to it. If sometimes you will not make it by the exact time,do let me know at least a day before so we reschedule.

Eleas Stanley Bhuji
Eleas Stanley Bhuji
You can reach me on 08097886721,08114521683 Cheers

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