Are Headphones Safer Than Earphones

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The wonderful art of music is something that connects all the people around the world. We all love it and nowadays we are blessed to be able to listen to our favorite melodies wherever we go using nothing but our phones. However, not all people like to listen to the same music as we do…

We rely upon earphones or headphones almost every single day, but most people consider only the technicalities (cost, comfort, performance, style…) of the listening device and forget about their health.

Yeah, if You didn’t know, some devices are safer for users than the others – now go and say sorry to your mom for not listening to her.

We are getting to the main question today – Which is safer, earphones or headphones?

Sound quality

I know what are you thinking – well this is a technicality as well – and you are right. However, this technicality has the privilege of being both that and a safety argument. This is due to the possibility to turn the volume down as much as you can and still have a quality sound. The first point goes to headphones as they can provide a better quality sound than earphones without having to be so loud that can damage your hearing.

Ear comfort

Sometimes the smallest things can make a difference, and this is one of them. If you are feeling pain and discomfort, it means that something isn’t right. This is your body telling you – Hello, stop doing what you are doing, you’re hurting me. When you put your earphones in your ear for the first time, you are experiencing discomfort. This happens because the earphones are built to transmit the sound as close as possible to your eardrum, thus damaging the organ slowly over the years. On the other hand, headphones are constructed to cover your whole ear and more efficiently cancel the sound of your environment. Once again, the safety point goes to headphones.

Noise cancellation

You might find this contradictory, but it isn’t always the best option for you to cancel all the background noise and hear your music louder. Imagine having to cross the street in New York City and not being able to hear any background noises. You could easily get hurt in a traffic jam. But what should You do? Is it an option to pause your music every single time you get into a similar situation? Well, yes, but this isn’t the only option, and by far is the most annoying one for us music lovers. Still, we have a solution. You can buy headphones with a noise-canceling option and ones without it. With this solution, you will be able to choose which headphones best fit your situation and use them. When you get out of the jam, just switch between the two.

Earphones with plugs also do the noise cancellation trick, but you are still doing more damage to your eardrum than you should.


If you are living in an environment that is known for some kind of vandal behavior or you are just the type that falls on his face too many times, as I am, let me reveal the trick for you – using headphones instead earphones is so much safer. If you get kicked or fall down with your earphones in, they can seriously damage your eardrums as they are small and can easily fall into ear that deep (this could lead to equilibrium or balance problems because your center for balance is inside your ears), but if you are using headphones, you can not only avoid these type of problems, but consider headphones as a shield that saves your head and ears from being damaged.

In conclusion, if you can’t deal with your life without music, as most of us feel, the best thing you can do is to save your hearing. This is, as we have learned today, best done with headphones. Nowadays, you can find good headphones at low prices and this means you can’t really find any more excuses for damaging your health and hearing. Go to your local store and find some good headphones – my personal advice is without a sound cancellation option, there is no need for that and can get you hurt, remember. Don’t exaggerate with the volume and enjoy your stress-free and a life filled with the music you love.


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