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3- To advertise writers,researchers and intellectuals and their works.


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BHIT Magazine is a motivational and informative media house poised to inject creativity and originality into “Prime” minds. This we do by building integrity through career and human capacity development.

BHIT Magazine is made of a team of dedicated writers, thinkers, coaches, motivators, Counselors and educators with a leadership goal to transform our civilisation by empowering every prime individual with the necessary informative motivational packages needed to blossom their innate greatness.

Our concept is based on a self evident truth which empowers us with the realisation that all individuals carry greatness within and can blossom that greatness with proper guide, mentorship or leadership.

Secondly we think each individuals greatness can play a vital role in the progress and development of our civilisation.

Standing on the apex of the “Facebook and Google” era, we can inject a new integrity of humanity .

( Facebook here represents the need for networking with like minds for self and career development and healthy socio cultural integration while Google implies first, the drive of  getting  information, secondly the inexhaustible value of information in our life )


1- To inform, inspire humanity to build a sustainable civilisation.

2- Create E-library to serve as a research resource center.

3- Inspire intellectualism, connect the academia to the society and create practical solutions to societal challenges using ideas emanating from the collective intellectualism.

4- Showcase and celebrate sucex at the individual and cooperate level.



To empower Prime minds with information and career networking needed to blossom their best.


Create a humanity with a respectable dignity  and enhance the integrity of our civilisation


Humanity stands at the threshold of a new era, an era marked by great advancement in all facets of human life. We think this era can be more achievable  when each individual thinks of and put his resources at the service of humanity. With this synergy of ideas, effort, goals, dreams, aspiration and selfless dedication of service leadership, we can then build a better global village. A village where neither race, colour, tribe, gender or nationality will divide people.


As Nigeria stands on a crucial epoch when the effort of ignoble minds will plunge us into oblivion or the effort of great minds will usher us into a greater and brighter future. We hope to create service leaders and global entrepreneurs to champion the new era of progress and pilot our nation glory.



1- Akola brothers agrifood marketing and transport ltd.

unity and leadership forum)

Our facility is located at 4 ezekiel avenue, off Aganolu street, Mgbuoba, NTA road, Port Harcourt. Rivers State.