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Every year a lot of people start their own packer and mover service. There are many who don’t know much about this industry. Clients who end up hiring these companies get into big trouble because the company fail to serve them well. So, if you are about to move and looking for the right company, then you should ask the following questions. 

What the permanent address of the company?

There are many who just want to trap the customer by making a website. They don’t have an office where they do meeting with the customers. They take the payment from the customers in advance and later didn’t show up or serve in the worst manner. So, make sure not only on the website the address is mentioned but they also tell you the same address. If the address didn’t match better, you don’t do any further question from the company. Moreover, it is better if you visit the office once before hiring a company.

Does the company is licensed?

There are many companies who don’t have a license to run the business. Better you don’t hire those companies and look for those who have a license. The company that has license are registered, and the government has recorded about them. So, in case they cause any trouble you can complain.

Are they put every commitment into a contract?

At the time you contact any company, you will hear the same story from them. They are the best, the price they demand the service is reasonable and so on. It is obvious that every company is telling you the truth. Only a few services you the same as they told. So, while you contact a company, ask them whether they make a contract about everything they are saying or not. If the company is reliable and have nothing to hide, they will not say no to you.

Can you breakdown the price?

There are many who don’t know why the company is demanding this much from you? If you are among them, it is better if you ask the company to break down the price for you. Mainly the price depends on the number of things workers have to pack, the size of the van used for the transportation of goods and the distance between two houses. Ask the company whether there are any hidden charges like fuel cost or some other cost. Once you get surety about all this, only then ask further questions from the company.

What are the payment terms?

It is another question you need to ask from the company, and that is payment terms. There are many who demand payment in advance. It is better if you don’t hire such a company. Always go for a company to whom you have to pay at the end of service.

Once get the answer to these questions, ask another question and that is what the payment method is? There are some companies who only take payment on cash, and many accept payment via credit card too.

Is the offer on-time service?

There are times when you need service in an emergency. At the time, you cannot take the risk, as you cannot afford delay. Now here the company will tell you that you don’t have to worry but still ask them to provide a reference to you. It is a better way to get confirmation of whether the company is guiding you correctly or not.

Is the company offer service at a fixed price?

There are several companies who offer service at a fixed price and many charges per hour. Now those who charge per hour are good for those that need to move small apartment or one or two items. If your house consists of 3-bedrooms or more, better you go with the company that offers service at a fixed price. In this way, you will not have to worry if delay happens due to some reason, as it is the company fault. You only have to pay the decided amount.  

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