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Electronic documents 
from the day of reception of the employee

In VLSI, you yourself can employee and use it to sign internal documents. Orders, advance reports, cash receipts and even health and safety magazines can now be electronic. VLSI automatically collects electronic signatures from all employees after reviewing or approving documents. Even the “slider” when dismissing VLSI makes it electronic.

The VLSI also implements the technology for working with electronic labor. Send information about the hiring, dismissal and transfer of employees to the Pension Fund in one click.

Staff motivation and gasification

Badges, virtual currency, ratings, gift shop, contests, awards, gratitude, remarks – all this rich set of VLSI tools allows you to create a program of material and non-material staff motivation in a matter of minutes.

Elementary gratitude, expressed publicly by a colleague or boss, already significantly increases the morale of employees. VLSI, using the mechanisms of social networks, dramatically increases the efficiency of non-material motivation of employees, brings excitement, prestige, competitive spirit, elements of the game into the life of your company.

Control of the arrival / departure of employees

HR Management Software in UAE  records the beginning and end of the working day for all employees, analyzing their activity at the computer. By connecting a contactless card reader or biometric sensors to the system, you can easily organize the recording of the working time of employees who are not working at the computer.

control of remote employees

The use of relocation in the VLSI mobile application makes it easy to monitor specialists working outside the office. When writing out work orders or making waybills, you indicate the addresses of clients and the time when you need to be there. VLSI checks if the employee was in the specified place at the right time.

Work and vacation schedules

From simple vacation schedules to shift work schedules, all of this is easily drawn in VLSI and synchronized with employees’ personal calendars. Through the mobile application, you can not only view your schedule and the schedules of colleagues from the department, but also mark time off and sick leave, make notes about coming / leaving work.

Based on the schedules and personal calendars of employees, VLSI automatically generates timesheets, sick leave, leave for calculating salaries, while determining what is considered overtime or work in the evening.

All types of payroll calculations

In addition HR Management Software in Saudi Arabia  calculating time sheets, calculating sick leave, vacations, “northern” and many other types of charges and deductions, VLSI supports the calculation of piecework wages from orders and waybills, from shipped invoices or from received payments on bills. If it turns out that the proposed set of calculation schemes is insufficient, then you can easily customize your own using the powerful internal language of the system.

HR Management Software  is able to work with electronic hospital. The system will download them from the FSS, fill them in with data on seniority and salary. And after your verification, it will send it to the FSS, if necessary, providing it with a register for direct payment to a hospital employee.

Personnel and military registration

Every organization is obliged … to know everything, and even better someone would do it for us. SBIS will lead you by the hand, including on the issues of personnel and military registration. What documents to ask a person at the reception, what data from them need to be entered, what documents and reports to generate and print, and what documents can be sent in electronic form – HR Management Software in Saudi Arabia  will prompt and help to do everything.

Well, if you have a large organization, you will receive not only a convenient tool for the formation and control of the staffing table and payroll, but also the calculation of turnover, scanning and recognition of passports, SNILS and a lot of other pleasant little things.

Cloud-based architecture of VLSI allows you to keep personnel records for the branch network by one specialist in the central office, without spending money on training and monitoring employees in each branch.

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